What are the projects?

The projects consists of recording sentences or sometimes a dialogue in an app. That app may differ for every project because we have many different partners and each have their own software for recording.

What are the projects for?

All of our projects are related to machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. We ask people to record only their voices and the only identification we ask for is so that we can pay them.

What types of freelances are accepted? Only voice recordings?

We have a wide variety of projects that come to us, the most common are voice recordings, but if we have something different, we will definitely put it here on the website.

I applied. Now what?

Once you’ve applied, a Tiny Tasks project assistant will contact you and guide you through the entire recording process.

Is there a minimum value for payment?

We usually offer $15~$20 per worked hour, but this is just an estimative that we do on how much time it would take to complete the project. It also depends on the country, since our clients also change the values they pay us according to that.

How is the payment done?

Payment can be made through various forms, we can pay with USDT, Payal, bank transfer. We also share the taxes so you will receive correct payment for the job or jobs you did.

Can anyone record the audio or does it have to be a native speaker?

Depends on the project, we usually specify in the description. If you’re someone who isn’t native, but speaks the language at a native level, usually there’s no problem and you can apply for the project without any issue.

If I have a company that hires freelancers, how much commission can I get out?

Great question! We’re hiring recruiters at the moment and the commissions depends of the number of people that your company can bring to work with us.

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